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Hello from Carly! Occupational Therapists at My Kids Place

Hi! My name is Carly and I am glad to join the My Kids Place team as an occupational therapist! I grew up in Southern California and completed my degree in occupational therapy at Dominican University in Northern California. I got into hiking and led a stand up paddle boarding and intramural soccer club while in college and continue to enjoy those activities in my free time.

I was introduced to this career by my outgoing and entertaining cousin Josh, who was diagnosed with autism at an early age. Luckily, he received awesome treatment from a great therapy team and is now in his first year of college and hopes to become a teacher for children with special needs! Seeing the impact occupational therapy has made for Josh, provides a personal connection for me with my career. Through my work, I am now able to provide others with the same support and care that my family was lucky enough to receive. I look forward to meeting you!

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