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Getting Started

Where to Begin?

As I’m contemplating the idea of my first blog post, it struck me that many people who find this site may be thinking the same thought I’m having. “Where do I start?”. So many parents I’ve worked with come in to see me with the same idea or gut feeling. That there is something more I can be doing for my child. But they’re not sure what it is.

Nobody ever said that being a parent is easy or even comes naturally. I know this from my own experience with my two high-schoolers. As a parent and as an occupational therapist, I constantly find myself bouncing between the macro concepts (are my kids happy? well adjusted?) and the micro details of life(did she study for the math test this week? is he being a safe driver?)

The constant juggle between our roles as people, parents, spouses, friends, employees, etc. may freeze us to the point of inaction. My hope is that in reading this, if you have a nagging concern that there is something more you could be doing for your child that you give us a call to see what we can offer.

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