Proprioception is our “joint sense” or the awareness of where our body is in space.

The sensors are found in the joints and send signals to our brains about where the limbs and body are in relation to each other. Proprioception is foundational to coordinated movement and works in tandem with vestibular information. Children mastering their sense of body awareness are often described as “on the go”. Decreased body awareness can impact participation in mealtimes, speech development and participation in school functions.

Infographic for proprioception with a drawing of a child in various positions and text to describe 4 parts of proprioception. 1) Child pushing against a wall reads "senses of effort"; 2) Child has one hand raised and the other hand with a finger on their nose reads "Determine body's position in space"; 3) Child shown moving one arm and opposite leg to the sides reads "Control limbs"; 4) Child lifting kettlebell in squat position reads "Sense of force or of heaviness"