Visual Schedule

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Visual schedules are a compilation of simple images in a specific order to represent different steps in a certain task, or to illustrate tasks on a to-do list.

Visual schedules provide a clear expectations for children and can help children prepare for transitions. They can be helpful for children that struggle with remembering routines like the steps of washing hands. They also help provide structure for children that benefit from routines.

Here is a simple, three-part visual schedule➡

Here are some options to make your own:

Free, Online: ConnectAbility

Paid App (iOS): Choiceworks

Paid App: Routine Factory (iOS or Android)

An example of a simple visual schedule: Three images are stacked vertically with arrows pointing from one image to the next. The top image is of soapy hands labeled "Wash Hands," the 2nd image is a stack of colorful interlocking blocks labeled "Play Blocks," and the 3rd image is a child putting blocks back into a bin labeled "Clean Up."
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