Tripod Grasp

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Tripod grasp is the term for a three-finger grasp where the tips of the thumb and index fingers are placed on the writing utensil with the middle finger providing support from underneath.

This type of grasp is either static or dynamic. A static tripod grasp is typical around 3-4 years old, and matures into a dynamic grasp. A dynamic tripod grasp is often considered the “correct” pencil grasp due to the stability of the hand and freedom of movement of the fingers allowing letters to be formed smoothly.

Difficulty with writing may indicate poor grasp. Consider talking with our occupational therapists if you have concerns about your child’s writing or grasp!

See “Quadrupod Grasp” for more variations.

A child practices writing in cursive and demonstrates a developing tripod grasp with their thumb and index finger on top of a pencil supported by their middle finger. The child rests their chin on their other hand.
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